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Monday, August 28, 2006

Your Linking Philosophy

There are many things to consider when focusing your effort on linkbuilding, but what many forget is to use a proper approach when you start out. Sure, for the experienced marketers are aware of the serious harm you can do to your own site if you use techniques employing spam(in all its various forms)etc.. but for newbies this is still much of a learning curve to be learnt through implementation and hard work.

I suppose one could almost say that the old saying"Practice Makes Perfect" is not exactly correct, its more like "Perfect Practise makes you a Master" if you look at it constructively.
The best links are always contextually relevant to the visitor, and those are the links you want- they are the ones that drive the Traffic.
That should ultimately be your linking philosophy.

Relevant links is what's Important.

Driving the most conversions and thinking about which sites can deliver the most Qualified visitors to yours:
  • Sites with loads of traffic: Links on a site with heavy traffic will serve a lot more visitors than unpopular low-traffic sites.
  • Sites related to yours: You really want qualified traffic, because that's what ultimately converts into sales: Links from sites that are relevant to the information that you have on your website.
  • Sites with Less Competition: You want better odds of visitors clicking on your link. Would you rather prefer 1 out of 3 clicks as opposed to 1 out of a 100? I think the answer is obvious.
I trust that this proves useful for your future relevance in your online marketing efforts.


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