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Friday, September 01, 2006

Niche Revolution- Short Version

Niche Revolution- The Short Version

Well Brad and his team have outdone themselves yet again. As usual he provides the novice and experienced netrepeneur alike good quality products that appeal to every hungry online marketer out there. In fact I kinda wish that I could be earning as an affiliate just cause it's gonna sell out fast but because it's limited to a small number of members there isn't one in place for it.

Niche Revolution might have only just been released (and the spots are going fast) but I trust that this is one product that will stand this test of quality and value for your very hard earned money for a long time to come. I find it hard to beleive that the same people that brought you Seoelite and Keyword Elite which are great products by any measures would release any product or package opportunity that might even slightly border towards low or bad quality.

Enough of my rambling here is the fast version broken down:

The program is a membership style program where they create all the great information products for you. The total value of Niche Revolution shoots past the $200,000.00 annual mark which makes the monthly fee miniscule in comparison to the value you get for your money. Here is what a person could expect when they become a member of Niche Revolution-remember that members will receive these benefits month after month:

Benefit 1: 2 expertly researched products in their relevant niche fields presented in the form
of eBooks that you can almost literally do with as you please.

Benefit 2: 2 expertly recorded Audio eBooks every month,

Benefit 3: 2 Custom written sales letters packed with the know-how and experience of Professional
copywriters every month.

Benefit 4: 2 Custom designed Mini-sites created by pro's in their craft.

Benefit 5:
60 Private Label Rights articles every month. I like 60 that's a good number.

Benefit 6: Hang on - this one's Good!!!! 2 Completely enhanced and Optimized 30 page ADSENSE websites each and every month. Damn I think that's a brilliant offer.

Benefit 7: Exclusive Split Testing Program. They've incorporated a Split- Testing program into the
membership so you can control all aspects of the products provided for you. Are you getting the picture
of the value here which is obviously great value for money.

Well done guys, another brilliant product which deserves 10 stars for Quality. I think I've said enough go and check it out for yourself-


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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1:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just joined niche revolution and I have to say that I am disappointed with the material.

It is written by someone who's first language is not English.

Though the e books are well researched,the grammar and use of English is really bad. Be prepared for a lot of refunds.

12:57 PM


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