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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I Just received an email this morning, and with it my friend over at who is gives away loads of Online Marketing Software stuff for free, sent me this email which had a link in it for another Huge Give-Away called The Viral Marketing Giveaway 2 and this one lets you download like a hundred free stuff, yup you read that correct.

Well I like free stuff and I would be a fool to think that I'm the only one. Well it looks something like this below and is sure to be popular for a long time still.

There's loads of stuff in there like List builder software, Seo guides, Viral stuff, Traffic Building programs, Membership Site Manager script, Adsense software and ebooks and more, more, more . I could go on for at least a couple of pages, and like I said it's free and with Advanced possibilities for those that really want to give it a blast. Guys this is one of the reasons I D.I.G.G the internet. So much stuff so little time.

Here's to enjoying lots of great Internet Marketing Products.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Your Linking Philosophy

There are many things to consider when focusing your effort on linkbuilding, but what many forget is to use a proper approach when you start out. Sure, for the experienced marketers are aware of the serious harm you can do to your own site if you use techniques employing spam(in all its various forms)etc.. but for newbies this is still much of a learning curve to be learnt through implementation and hard work.

I suppose one could almost say that the old saying"Practice Makes Perfect" is not exactly correct, its more like "Perfect Practise makes you a Master" if you look at it constructively.
The best links are always contextually relevant to the visitor, and those are the links you want- they are the ones that drive the Traffic.
That should ultimately be your linking philosophy.

Relevant links is what's Important.

Driving the most conversions and thinking about which sites can deliver the most Qualified visitors to yours:
  • Sites with loads of traffic: Links on a site with heavy traffic will serve a lot more visitors than unpopular low-traffic sites.
  • Sites related to yours: You really want qualified traffic, because that's what ultimately converts into sales: Links from sites that are relevant to the information that you have on your website.
  • Sites with Less Competition: You want better odds of visitors clicking on your link. Would you rather prefer 1 out of 3 clicks as opposed to 1 out of a 100? I think the answer is obvious.
I trust that this proves useful for your future relevance in your online marketing efforts.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Launch Date of Niche Revolution

The Finishing touches are being made to the new Niche Revolution programme as I'm typing this message.
The Official Date for the launch of this programme is revealed at last and is recorded to be available as of the 31st of August 2006 at 12:00 pm.

This is important to remember as members can pre-subscribe to nicherevolution as this will be made exclusive to members on a first come first serve basis only.

Basically If you want to be included you'll want to sign up at when the bell strikes 0:00(12:00 midnight to some people). be sure to stake your place and claim your position as it is obviously limited to a specific number of people only.

To those of you who don't know who Brad Callen or what he and his company has made available to many you would like to consider visiting or to see what they have accomplished in giving anyone a superior advantage when it comes down to marketing online what it takes to rank high in the search engines as well as keyword marketing.

Enjoy your weekend and looking forward to seeing you on the other side when Nicherevolution has it's launch

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Technorati Profile


NicheRevolution-coming soon!

It seems those guys over at Seo elite or should I say Brad Callen are rather pretty busy with the new
launching of their brand new project which they proudly call the “Do it all for your project” and titled

What they're doing is basically creating everything an online marketer would need to sell and then keep
all the profits, how bloody awesome is that!!. Word out is that they're creating some audio books and
software programs that come inclusive with all the tutorials needed to make money online.

I'm pretty amped about this for obvious reasons as well as the fact that Brad and his team provide not
only great software such as Seo Elite and Keyword Elitebut also great articles in his newsletters that are extremely informative
to newbie and experienced Online Marketers alike.

Are you Curious as to how Seoelite could assist your online ventures then you should consider having a look
at the review which could quite possibly give you some interesting new insight into this great piece of software.

For more info visit Seoelite Review.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Google Algorithm-Secret or Simple?

The Google Algorithm-Secret or Simple?
COuld it be that the almost godlike search engine Google's Algorithm could be this simple yet devilishly tricky that implementing it becomes somewhat of a BlackArt as someone I know referred to it.

To most this shouldn't come as such a surprise because it appears that Google's Algorithm is not such a State secret after All. Secret or not it is a fundamental part of the way in which Google or "G" as most people call them in the forums supremely and ultimately decides your Ranking. Coming to understand this formula can greatly help your search engine optimization and eventually your rankings.

Pagerank is the Algorithm being used by the Google engine, originally founded and formulated by Sergey Brin and his mate Larry Page in their paper The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. this concept is based on the premise that prevalent in academia, that the significance or importance of aresearch paper can be judged by the number of citations the paper receives from other highly acclaimed research papers. Brin and Page basically transferred this concept or premise to its web equivalent.In Laymens terms this means: the importance of a web page can be judged by the number of hyperlinks pointing to it from other web pages.

Now that we know that what is Google's algorithm?:

Besides looking quite intimidating it is quite Savvy in its simplicity, the forluma goes as follows:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

Where PR(A) is the PageRank of a page APR(T1) is the PageRank of a page T1C(T1) is the number of outgoing links from the page T1d is a damping factor in the range 0 < d < 1, usually set to 0.85

Ultimately the Pagerank of a website is calculated as a sum of the Pageranks of all the pages Linking to it(inbound or incoming links). This is then divided by the number of Links on everyone of those pages(outbound links).

From an Seo perspective this means that there are two ways in which pagerank can affect the position of your page on google:

+The number if incoming links. The more the merrier. One thing to keep in mind:The Algorithm tells us that No incoming links should have a negative effect on the pagerank of the page it it points at. Worst case scenario is that it will have no effect at all.+The number of outgoing links on the page that points to your page.

The fewer or less of these the Better. Put in context this means that 2 pages of equal pagerank linking to you, one with 5 outbound links and one with 10, that the one with 5 outbound links will give you twice the increase in pagerank.
So at the end of the day when you are considering your search engine optimization approach, remember that Google doesn't just Rank by keyword, it also ranks by links.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Marketing Reviews

Drive Instant Traffic to your site or blog with Google Adwords.

The biggest well known secret in generating wealth in the internet based business or e-commerce is Traffic. Everybody knows it; every site wants it and every site needs it. The point of websites is to be visited and viewed. Many elaborate designs, money and countless hours of developing a site to make them beautiful and attractive are utilized. Without traffic, it is for naught.

With traffic comes a potential customer which basically means sales which in turn means profit. While many sites have collapsed in the past with the downturn of many internet based business, many smaller sites have generated good money by concentrating on a certain niche and some subniches.

This is a reason why e-commerce site laser target certain groups of people and drive them to their site to showcase their sites and products. Precision marketing is essential so that you could count on all the traffic on your site as potential customers.

Using Money to Make Money

It’s a common business notion that if you want to make money, you have to spend money. One good way of spending money for business gain is through advertising. Advertising brings in the people because through advertising, they know that there is such a company or product in existence. With the right type of advertising, you can see the spurt of traffic growth to your site. With a high volume of traffic, even if only a small portion or percentage turns out to be buying customers it is still a good average of profit generating income.

Right now, there is no other advertising scheme that would be worth every cent than using Google’s Adwords. The surge in popularity of Google’s Adwords is very evident as you can see so many sites sporting this ad scheme.

In using Google's Adwords, you pay a certain fee depending on the number of keywords your ad is keyword sensitive to. Each time a person does a search in Google, the keyword or keywords use generate ads in the side of Google which are generated by the keywords they have assigned for their ads.

This method laser targets the traffic a site wants for their site. This also ensures that you are readily visible in the first page of a search result. Paying Google for this ad scheme ensures that your target group of people sees your ads. You drive your laser targeted traffic to your site which provides for their needs and wants. You can also be sure that you can meet their demands and needs.

Aside from Google, you can also be featured in their other search networks, these includes sites like, AskJeeves, AOL Search and Netscape. These sites also show Adwords ads that react to searches done by visitors. There are also content networks, non-search engine sites that feature Google Adwords, which will also carry your ads. But this is subjected to the niche the site features. Your chosen keywords will determine which content network shall feature your ad. The frequency of your ad shall also be determined by your allowed budget.

Laser Targeting your Traffic

To get a good number or estimate of the traffic to buying customer ratio it is good to laser target your traffic. Knowing that your traffic are all potential customers and are interested in your products and company provides you with a more accurate statistics. This will show you how effective your utilizing of Google Adwords is.

Drive laser targeted traffic to your site by using keywords or keyword phrases for your Goggle Adwords that pertains to your company and to your products. There are many online internet tools that can help you in choosing keywords and keyword phrases that are currently in demand that could help drive laser targeted traffic to your site.

With your Google Adwords ad, you are ensured that every click to your ad is a potential customer that is precisely looking pr interested in what you have to offer. Make sure that your Google Adwords ad has the right keywords so that you can drive you're laser targeted traffic to your site.

Using Google Adwords to help boost the drive to increase laser targeted traffic will prove to be very beneficial as many other companies can attest to. The benefits are high with the cost relatively justifiable.

I trust that this article was useful to many out there. Next time I'm gonna talk about some great free seotools to use.