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Saturday, February 17, 2007

DayJobKiller Review

Fellow affiliates ,

It's time to pack up your desk and give your boss the finger! No more timesheets, deadlines, and no more job! Welcome to the world of Day Job Killer! Or Welcome to Just Another SCAM?

It all began in April of 2006....

A relativley unknown marketer, only known as 'Chris', shocked the Online Marketing world with his breakthrough product, Adwords Miracle. This single 106-page guide led many affiliates to explode their income...but this was only the beginning.

Day Job Killer (DJK) is the sequel to Affiliate Project X (APX), the affiliate marketing guide that gave super-affiliate power to the "average" affiliate. DJK continues on from where APX left off, and then some.

Day Job Killer is the version 2 of Affiliate Project X by Chris McNeeny. Does it promise to be the number one Day Job Killer in 2007 just like Affiliate Project X was for 2006?.

The new affiliate methods are going to change the affiliate promotion game, bring back the Google Cash method of affiliate marketing, allow you to "nuke" Adwords campaigns at will, and build a monster list for cents.

One of the concepts he has refined and definitely improved is the google cash method. This was an ebook released a year or so ago and has been continually updated and while I would admit that Google Cash was a very good product his new take on it is mind blowing and I have already adapted my existing campaigns with a very noticeable increase in profits.

So on to my
Day Job Killer Review Review, is it another case of over hype and little content, well read on!

I have now seen the sales letter and am pretty sure the sales letter was written by the same guy as Affiliate Project X as it is another superb Sales Letter.
I imagine it will have the same effect as the APX. But you are not here to hear about the sales page right?

Here are just a few of the 7 new Super-Affiliate techniques included in this DayJobKiller Review that will blow your mind!

CAMPAIGN NUKING - How to nuke other affiliate's Adwords campaigns, including the feared
'big bad gurus'. Under bid them and unleash total Domination. This ain't gonna get pretty!

DIRECT LINKING X - The Google Cash method has been dusted off, and is stronger than ever.
The ultimate solution for the Lazy Affiliate! Perhaps the most potent technique ever released!

THE LEVELLER - This is good, really good. How to "level" a guru and swipe his customers right from under his feet to build your own targeted list. How does $100 per day from a $10 ad spend sound? Not a bad return on investment any day!

"This method is crazy and is gonna send a lot of gurus crying home to their mommies!"

THE UNDERCUTTER - Build a large targeted list with Google Adwords, and profit from day one. No blind campaigns. Be rest assured you'll be in the green using
this technique! "No one, and I mean no one does it like this. The Undercutter will be heard around the world! "

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